UX Lead/Manager - 3/15 - present
For the last 8 years I have led UX across a number of Google products within Core Experiences, Google Cloud, and GBO. My primary responsibilities include delivering innovative UX solutions across mission critical programs of considerable scope and size, developing long term vision and strategy, aligning business and user goals to deliver meaningful results, driving strong collaboration across functions and product areas, managing team operational & organizational processes, and mentoring and growing a multidisciplinary UX team.

Third-Party Identity Solutions

UX Design lead / Manager

Google offers a number of digital identity services that enable users to safely and easily extend their existing Google Identity for more convenient and seamless interactions with third party apps and services. This includes convenient authentication with Sign in with Google and numerous feature interoperability experiences across Google and third party services through Account Linking, and OAuth account access.


UX Design lead / Manager

Hire is Googles's first enterprise line of business app focused on recruitiing that seamlessly integrates with other G Suite apps like Gmail and Google Calendar to help hiring teams collaboratively source, manage, track, and ultimately hire the best candidates for their business.

I joined the bebop team in Google Cloud in 2016 and played a significant leadership role in pushing forward a set of key initiatives that were crucial to a successful launch of Hire in July 2017.


UX Design lead

With Support+ we reimagining the way Google delivered support services to its customers through an innovative new platform that brought all of the disparate pieces of the technical support toolset into a single product platform including ticketing, communications & collaboration, customer insights, and support activity management features. The teams mission was to improve the quality, speed, and scalability of Google customer care by arming support teams with the tools and customer insights they needed to deliver Google quality care.

I was the principal designer on this product Partnering closely with a PM and Eng lead, a team of 4 designers, 4 PMs, and 20+ engineers in bringing a brand new enterprise services product to life.

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