Flickr (Yahoo!)

Sr. Interaction Designer - 3/10 - 1/11
After three years focused on the mix of simple photo sharing and gift e-commerce at Kodak and after Facebook began to emerge as the new personal photo snapshot destination I was eager to delve deeper into a more advanced photography focused social world. I started at Flickr at a time when even social networks where saying how can we be more social and was tasked with redesigning Flickr's ever so complicated permissins and sharing model to allow for more social activity.

Photo Sharing

Photo sharing outside of the flickr site was not always as easy as it is today. One of the biggest projects I worked on at flickr was redefining the sharing experience, allowing for a much more open sharing model. A big piece of making this work included a detailed evaluation and rethinking of flickr's complicated settings and permissions models. We were able to expand the types of objects that could be shared beyond a simple photostream or individual photos as well as where they could be shared or posted. This work was foundational for how flickr's sharing model evolved and still works today.

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