Castlight Health

Director of User Experience & Design - 4/12 - 3/15
As the second full time UX hire at a budding helth care startup I was responsible not only for helping to define the UX of a new enterprise product in a new space but also for building a UX practice, team, and culture within a rapidly growing and evolving company. I grew the UX team from 2 - 8+ FTE and developed strong relationships with contractors and agencies to help fill gaps when needed. I worked with my team to define and manage a design process from discovery, design, testing and iteration to formal design briefs, design reviews, and all manner of user research. In addition I personally led a number of product design initiatives across the spectrum of the Castlight product platform.

Health Care Shopping

At the center of Castlight's product platform was it's health care shopping experience providing users with shopping tools connected to their employers health plan coverage.

Over the course of 3 years I led a number of iterations of the health care shopping experience and helped to make an extremely complicated system aggregating numerous disperate data sources seem simple and easy to use. This powerful tool allowed millions of users to make the most of their employer's health care benefits by providing an easy way for them to shop for helth care across quality, convenience, and price.



Castlight Mobile Experience

The initial Castlight mobile experience attempted to emulate the web experience in a way that did not take advantage of what a mobile platform had to offer.

I led a redesign of the mobile experience focused on narrowing the design to the most useful and usable features for a mobile context.

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